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Atelie Agerbo - A place with Fantasy and Romantic Art

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Member of "Vi er Viborg"

Atelie Agerbo have become a member of "Vi er Viborg", which means if You have a company and need to buy christmas presents for Your employees, You have the opportunity buy two of my posters for 300 kr. each and three of my paintings for 900 kr. each. See the posters and paintings below.

Salon D'Automne 2022 Paris

The painting "A Day in the Garden" will be in the exhibition "Salon D'Automne 2022 Paris" in Paris from the 20 of october to the 23 of october 2022.

Atelie Agerbo, a little Atelier in Viborg

Atelie Agerbo is a little Atelier where I, Malouca Metthe Agerbo, works with my visual oil paintings. Are you in need of a poster, an oil painting or something completely different? I will gladly help you out with a beautiful piece of art. I have a lot of artistic expression, and creative development is a high priority for me. As a passionate and detail oriented artist, you are guaranteed a product of the highest standards.

Atelie Agerbo: A place with Fantasy and Romantic Art

I am inspired by Fantasy Art and Romantic Art from the Victorian Era. I find inspiration from the old Myths of the Fairies, Elves, Unicorns and Dragons and sometimes from the Norse Myth. As a Visual Oilpainter, I have always known that I had a story to tell. My art is a way for me to tell my story to the world. My art is not something you see every day because my style is my very own. I began my career back in 2001, and I am therefore very experienced. My art is unique and innovative. That is why you can always recognize my art from other artists.

Endless opportunities

Whether you are just beginning out making art or are an experienced painter yourself. I can always answer any questions about art and my works you might have. When it comes to my work, the opportunities are endless. If you are interested in making an exhibition with Malouca Metthe Agerbo’s unique original oil paintings, you are more than welcome to do so as I always want to showcase my work. Do you want to make a special, custom order? I also do paintings for my customers. If you are interested in my work or have , you are always welcome to contact me.