The Story of Malouca Metthe Agerbo

Malouca Metthe Agerbo Thomassen

Malouca Metthe has since her early childhood always loved to draw horses and princesses which has followed her throughout her teenage years and adulthood. But as we all know, life has a way of changing us, which happened to Malouca Metthe in 2001, when she opened Atelie-Agerbo. Since the opening of the atelier, she has received multiple international awards for her art.

Style of art

Her art style was in the early stages before 2001, but changed afterwards, as she moved from her hometown Rønnede to Esbjerg. She had been given a second chance and began her journey as an artist at the local school in her new city. This led her to an art school in Sønderborg where she found her somewhat true self and personal style of expression. After a year at this school she was given the opportunity to begin at Aarhus Fine Art Academy, where she truly found herself as the artist she is today. It was at this Academy that she received her first invitation to an international Biennale in Poland. Since the initial invitation, she has been invited on several occasions.

Stories in artworks

When it comes to her artwork, Metthe gives some of her soul every time. She is in touch with her inner self, and this is always expressed in her works of art. Her style and painting technique differs from other artists as she mixes different art genres. This makes her art unique and a one of a kind. She tells Fairy Tales through her works without using words. She lets the image speak for itself so that the story of the artwork can shine through. With a broad range of expertise, she is a talented painter with her own sense of style. This is also a gift she wishes to pass on to other art lovers, which is why she holds painting courses in her own studio.

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  • 2001/2002: Art course, AOF, Esbjerg

  • 2002/2003: Soenderborg Art school, Basic Course

  • 2003/2006: Aarhus Art school of Fine Art

  • May 2005: Intensive course to teach adults


  • Working with my own art

  • 2005: Teaching adults in drawing. lncado Esbjerg

  • 2006: Adult teaching: Beginning Course in drawing, 10 weeks, AOF Acrylic Painting, beginners and intermediate, 10 weeks; AOF

  • 2007: My own gallery with painting courses for adults

  • 2008: My own gallery

  • 2012: Teaching Adults in painting, spring and autumn - 20 weeks, AOF


  • 2002: BRA, Spring and Autumn, Esbjerg

  • 2003: BRA, Spring, Esbjerg

  • 2005: Local Hospital in Esbjerg

  • 2009: Det Faglige Hus, Trade union, Esbjerg. One art piece sold

  • 2010: Nykredit (A bank in Esbjerg). Six art pieces sold

  • 2010: Container Art, Esbjerg. One art piece sold

  • 2011: Rambøll, engineer enterprise, Esbjerg

  • 2012: Container Art, Esbjerg

  • 2013: Container An, Esbjerg. Four art pieces sold

  • 2013: The border exhibition, Vadehavet

  • 2020/2021: No exhibitions due to Corona

  • 2022: Åbne Ateliedøre, Viborg

  • 2022: Art fair, Viborg

International exhibitions

  • 2004: 2nd International Biennale Pastel Exhibition, Nowy Sacz, Poland

  • 2006: The Collective Christmas Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2007: The Collective Christmas Exhibitions, Barcelona, Spain

  • 2008: Fantamus, The Society for an of lmagination, Sæby, Denmark

  • 2008: Umbrella project, The Society of lmagination, Shanghai, China

  • 2012: Parallax AF, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, England

  • 2013: Live Art lnteraction Multimedia, Montreal, Canada

  • 2015: Art Now London, England

  • 2016: Rotterdam Art Fair, Netherlands

  • 2016: Art Expo, Milano, Italy

  • 2016: Art Monaco

  • 2018: M.A.D Gallery Milano, ltaly. 2 arrworks shown for a year

  • 2018: The International Biennale of All Nations, Venice, ltaly

  • 2018: International Contemporary Art in Rome, ltaly. Upcoming Exhibition, July.

  • 2020/2021: No exhibitions due to Corona

  • 2022: Salon D'Automne 2022 Paris

Publications of my art

  • 2014: 2nd Intenational Biennale Pastel Exhibition, Catalogue

  • 2016: Art Expo Milano, Catalogue

  • 2016: Rotterdam Art Fair, Catalogue

  • 2018: Art Magazine. An International Contemporary publication in the catalogue. International Prize Leonardo da Vinci - The Universal Artist, Firenze

  • 2018: Publication of the work admitted in the official catalogue of the Biennale, Venice

  • 2018: Art International Contemporary Magazine. The official catalogue of the event, International Prize Raffaello, Bologna


  • 2018: January: 2nd International Prize Leonardo da Vinci, The Universal Artist, Firenze

  • 2018: March: The International Prize of all nations, tribute to Tiziano and The international prize of Dogi - for the artistic value, Venice

  • 2018: The international Prize Raffaello, for artistic merit, Bologna.

  • 2018: The International Prize Giulio Cearsar the Art-Empror.

  • 2019: The lnternational Prize of Michelangelo, Rome.